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The Life Rescripted Story

                                                                         In 1998 I attended a retreat and experienced a process that would become Life                                                                                Rescripted. It had more than a few rough edges yet still there was something                                                                                  there. I and several others met every month in my living room to facilitate each                                                                              other and do our own work. We learned what worked, what didn’t, continually                                                                                improving and making it safer. Soon we were invited to facilitate at incest and                                                                                trauma survivor retreats, 12 step organizations and began hosting weekends and                                                                              training others to form their own circles. As our experience grew, we and our                                                                                  participants were astonished at the consistent and lasting transformations that                                                                                  occurred. Parents reported where they once were frustrated, impatient or worse,                                                                              they now felt less triggered and had more compassion and understanding with                                                                                their children. Some explained how they would flash back to the rescripting of                                                                                their own childhood experience and become more empathetic, calm and loving.                                                                              That is when I saw a much larger picture and went scrambling to find out why                                                                                rescripting was achieving these results. 


Several years of draining highlighters, studying neuroscience, brain and child development, trauma, belief and thought formation, etc. opened my eyes further. The more I learned, the more Life Rescripted became not only a way to transform a life but a way to create a better world. The challenge of changing the world is the challenge of changing beliefs. To achieve global transformation and advance humanity we need appropriate beliefs. To transform them on a large scale we need a process that is simple, accessible, safe and astonishingly effective. This is what we have continually witnessed with Life Rescripted. It seemed the only sane choice to pursue the goal of making this process available to the world. 


I’ve learned a purpose, a dream is like those foam rubber toppers for beds, you’ll never get them back in the box once they get some air. Once you breathe in that dream, you’ll never fit back in your old life again.  I’ve lost time trying to tamp it down and play small, squish half of it back in the box and skip the “Who do you think you are young lady” from playing in my head. But it doesn’t work, it requires traversing fears and healing what is orphaned within. That is as it needs to be. I am honored to hold the space where doors appear, to work in the deep end of a life. It’s essential I continually do my own work. Yet, like most of us, I’d be happy to goose it along a bit, I wouldn’t turn down a trip to Hawaii to meet Oprah! Ah..yes, perhaps this is the day!


Life is a lot of jumping through hoops and skinned knees, tug of wars and rope burns, and then one day you find yourself wondering how you got so lucky. I look back and I see how everything has led me to this place and time. Like dominos falling, I see all the things that once hurt me, have come back to serve me. Nothing was wasted, no excess pain, I needed it all.  A tiny, barely noticeable life has become sacred all at once, and the realization that it was sacred all along.


So I, a bit red faced offer you, your cause/purpose/dream, your group, organization, foundation, non profit, 12 step..., an opportunity to transform. I know a way. I have a plan. Both are worthy. Both I am ready to prove and provide.


Life Rescripted is a bridge, crossing over what happened and into what should have been.

Expanding beyond the life we inherited to embody the life we deserve. 




“Let’s Cross Over”


Elizabeth Gilbert






Vicki Murphy


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