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"No one has ever stepped beyond their circumstance without first stepping beyond their story."


At Life Rescripted our focus is story.

the ones that happened,

the ones that should have happened.


The first can create feelings of shame, fear and powerlessness, diminishing how we perceive ourselves and our world.

The other would have prevented that, keeping self worth and identity intact.


Between a traumatic experience and what we decide it means about us,

there is a space.

Life Rescripted is a way to re-enter that space and this time experience the truth. There, our dignity, worthiness and belonging are witnessed, proven and reclaimed.


















Life Rescripted is a simple process that can change the meaning of any experience

 which means:


                          it changes our beliefs


                                    our thoughts and behavior


                                   patterns and choices


                                        possibility, life trajectory


                                             parenting, legacy and future generations



How It Works

About The Process

Life Rescripted first unravels the story behind our belief, revealing how we assigned meaning to our experiences that defined our self-worth and ability. Next we re-enter those moments when we donned our unworthiness and this time receive the guidance, empathy, comfort and connection we have always needed to form an appropriate, healthy self-concept. We connect with the truth, releasing the future with the past. The original distressing event remains unchanged but is now reinterpreted as self-affirming. The lasting effect of a rescripting replaces malformed, self-critical beliefs with self-loving ones, which raises the bar of what we deserve and accept from ourselves and the world.


About Beliefs and Self Concept

Beliefs are formed in the aftermath of events. Humans are hard-wired to first survive, then contemplate. It is not what happened but how we emerge from it that forms our expectations and beliefs in our ability and worth to ourselves and the world. 


The majority of distorted beliefs are formed in childhood and traumatic events. Without appropriate guidance, empathy, comfort and connection from an emotionally healthy adult, children are left to interpret the meaning of their experiences. Often this is done by how they feel. When they feel bad they can believe it is because they are bad. Without intervention these feelings do not go away, they go deeper, culminating in a self-concept that is undeserving. Survival strategies are formed to cope with this negative sense of self.



Process Outline


  • Safe

    • Traumatic, upsetting material is not re-created 

    • Explicit, no-nonsense boundaries

    • Requires no prior experience or knowledge

    • Comprehensive guidelines

    • Self-directed 


  • Simple

    • Designed for nonprofessionals 

    • Draws on and strengthens innate capacity for understanding, empathy and connection

    • An 8 question worksheet reveals the distorted belief, how and why it was formed and what is needed to transform it.


  • Effective

    • Proactive solution

    • Puts into practice what the latest research and science have proven about human development 

    • Works for conscious and subconscious beliefs

    • The entire process is typically completed in one to three hours

    • Although effective one-on-one, a Life Rescripted circle has the added benefit of vicarious healing; healthier beliefs are reinforced as we experience both ourselves and others as worthy

    • Transformation is immediate and requires no further reinforcement

    • Applicable to all demographics

    • Releases more and more people to bring forth their gifts of service 



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