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We Love Hearing From Our Fans

“Life Rescripting is one of the greatest gifts I have received.”

Male, New York


 "Vicki, you are part of the healing force for survivors" 

Incest Survivor Retreat Coordinator


...“Turns out that I went to visit my father and came back with having visited and reconnect with my “Dad”. It has taken me over 40 years to get to this point and this event has been my spiritual awakening.... feels like a mountain has been lifted from my shoulders.  I told my Dad just about everything that I had been keeping secret, and the love and compassion I received back has made everything I have been through worth it.

Vicki I wanted to share with you that the outcome that we did in the rescripting session that I so badly wanted from my father all those years ago did come true.  During my many shares with my Dad I kept having flash backs to the rescripting session. In fact I shared with my Dad all the details of the abuse we dealt with in the rescripting and the response from my Dad was so real and authentic that I couldn’t help thinking what a blessing the rescripting session was. G-d bless you and thank you.” 

Male- Sydney, Australia


…on my first retreat I just sat and watched Rescripting but got so much from other's work.  And on my second retreat I didn't want to inconvenience anyone and was the last person to do my Rescripting but it was amazing.  They were able to help me go to places no therapist in 16 years of being in and out of therapy was able to help me go.  It in my opinion was the true start of recovery dealing with my mother in a new way.  It is still a work in progress but from a totally different space.

Female, Maryland


“... I have not________ since I did my Rescripting. It absolutely worked...I have never not _______ for years. It’s a miracle and my therapist wants to meet you...”  Female, Maryland


The Life Rescripted workshop that I participated in with Vicki was nothing short of transformative.

 ... my heart had cracked wide open, and I cried but this time, instead of being met with the silent isolation I experienced then, I received the loving compassion I so longed for and deserved. I can't describe how deeply transformative that moment was.

...I felt honored to get to play the role of a loving father for her, and privileged to witness her face transform from utter hopelessness to loving openness as her tears were met with the kindness she truly always deserved rather than the condemnation and punishment she had received.  She embraced me afterward and told me she would never forget that moment, and I knew I wouldn't either. 

Those of us who have survived trauma in our childhoods know the debilitating consequences of abuse all too well. To find a way to turn those consequences around into a force of healing is nothing short of miraculous. That is the alchemy that Life Rescripted achieves:... It liberates the love that has always been in our hearts, and let's us know this is why we survived--and in so doing breaks chains of suffering that go back for generations.  So for ourselves and for others, I cannot recommend Life Rescripted workshops highly enough, and Vicki truly serves as guardian angel in helping to craft such holy work.  I would gladly entrust my heart to her wise and gentle facilitation again.” 

Male, Maryland                                                                             


Rescripting is one of the main reasons I come to retreat. I find it to be 

therapeutic for me and allow me to explore emotions and feelings I am not able to get in touch with in any other way. I have been able to express things with the aid of Rescripting that I wasn’t even able to share with my therapist.


I think Bob and Vicki don’t just do Rescripting for those of us doing them but also for those who watch 


I would just like to share that when I did my first Rescripting I really wanted to do one but at that time in my life I didn’t feel I deserved anything. So I said if we have time I will do one but if not that is ok. Well they made time for me to do mine.  And in that first Rescripting I was able to get in touch with just how unavailable my mother was.  How unsupportive she was and I was able to let that hurt and pain out which was huge for me.  For me to allow others in and to comfort me is extremely hard but through Rescripting I was able to do that. My therapist was amazed that I was able to do that with people I had just met yet I couldn’t do that with her.  

My most recent Rescripting allowed me to get in touch with my inner child and 

finally stop hating that seven year old that had no control over the situation.

There is so much growing and healing I get not only from my Rescriptings. but also everyone else’s.  

Female, Maryland


 "...The success was complete. After coming back from the retreat I had a major confrontation...AND the major discovery about the nature of my mother’s abuse, connecting most of the dots and having understanding on the level never experienced before.

          I am interested in taking part in the training program for Rescripting and using Rescripting in the future on the regular basis as one of the most effective tools in my recovery.

          Thanks and love to Vicki for introducing, leading and teaching Rescripting"

  Female, New York


"...The Rescriptings were so powerful that I became one with the participants. They each drew me in for different reasons. As the scenarios play out I never expected to be so impacted. I was transported to my own life’s experience and failures. As the participant achieved closure and embraced their healing I too was able to release my own anxiety."

Female, New York


.”..Since my rescripting I feel more freed up has been a process of great healing and I am more peaceful with myself and much more loving with my partner, my flashbacks have diminished and it’s been a great journey...”

Female, California


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